Tuchel jokingly laughed at Anche + watched one team even though Chelsea were eliminated

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has criticized the referee’s laugh at Carlo Ancelotti. After his side were knocked out of the Champions League quarter-finals. Totally hurtful

Thomas Tuchel was furious with referee Shimon Marciniac after the Chelsea managersaw. The Polish referee flirt with Carlo Ancelotti after Real Madrid. Snatched victory and qualified for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League last night (Tuesday 12 March 2022). The White Kings scored a goal that sent them through to the next round in the 6th minute of overtime. Special as Karim Benzema scored his fourth goal of the tournament and gave the team a 5-4 aggregate win.

           Chelsea looked to make a stunning comeback as they smashed into a shock 3-0 lead. Timo Werner scoring the third goal needed in the final 15 minutes of the Blues. The moment when  Mateo Kovacic stabbed a beautiful hole for the German striker to slip single into the box on the left side. The pump fooled Casemiro to pull the channel to deflect the block. Thibaut Courtois bounced into the goal. But before Werner Marcos Alonso ‘s shot was narrowed first from the moment that N’Golo Kante moved to receive the ball into the penalty area. Flowing out to Alonso’s left. Followed up to hit the block , Dani Carvajal, bounced into the way before repeating again, plugging the second triangle into the pillar.

but from this rhythm The referee waited for a check from the VAR room and finally decided to forfeit the score because the ball hit Alonso’s hand. Get caught in handball And Tuchel was annoyed that the referee didn’t check the stadium monitor. He told BT Sport : “I didn’t see that goal forfeited. I’m very disappointed for the referee that he didn’t check it himself . But that’s what it is if you play with Real Madrid in the Champions League. Today we are unlucky.”

         Tuchel also addressed his frustration at a post-match press conference. And revealed that he was particularly annoyed when he saw Marciniak share his comforting moments. On Real Madrid manager Ancelotti, he said: ” I am disappointed that the referee had a good time with my colleague Carlo Ancelotti . Be a gentleman and a good person But when I want to say thank you for this match I saw him smile and laugh out loud. with the opposing coaches.

           “I think this is a very wrong time. To do this after the whistle ends and the 126 minutes one team gave their all and fought until the last drop.” “You see the referee smiling and laughing with the other coach. I think it’s a very bad time. I’ve told him this and that’s it. Maybe I’m giving myself a problem. But if you play against Real Madrid you can’t expect everyone to have the guts. [To judge] I still feel a little judgment in the first and second legs today.”

           “I didn’t see that door. But I told him I was very disappointed that he didn’t come out and check by himself. In a game like this you have a way to whistle. You should be the boss and don’t make this kind of judgment on someone sitting in a chair who doesn’t see the atmosphere and he followed that path. So I think he should take responsibility and check on his own. Then he can explain better.” “It’s just my opinion. I think we should have given more time at the end because it felt like we didn’t have time to play in the second half of extra-time. Perhaps it was too much to ask for in a match like this against this opponent. We have it in our hands. And we are unlucky enough It’s like this.”

  Tuchel also hailed Antonio Rudiger ‘s immense performance as ‘world class’, with the defender at the heart of the team’s defense and to create turmoil in the penalty area of ​​the opposite side as well And it was he who moved the team 2-0 with a header in the 51st minute, but Rudiger ultimately became unlucky in extra-time when his slip deprived Karim Benze. Ma has space that allows him to enter the decisive goal of the UFABET game.