Moyes confident West Ham have a chance

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West Ham United manager David Moyes is confident West Ham United will progress to the next round. Despite losing to Sevilla in the first leg of the Europa League.

Despite having little experience in Europe. West Ham United performed well in the group stage with a first-place finish and immediately qualified for the last 16. But West Ham United face tougher Seby. Ya who is known as the No 1 favorite to win the Europa League. It has achieved a lot of experience. Many players have won the Europa League to face. West Ham United is unlikely to be a job. How difficult it is.

And over 90 minutes it was Sevilla who performed much better and had plenty of chances to score more goals before Sevilla beat West Ham United 1-0 thanks to Moo’s winner. Nir El Haddadi in the second leg of West Ham United will make some excuses at the London Stadium, with David Moyes still confident West Ham United will progress to the first leg successfully. Will break to lose to Sevilla before, unfortunately, by David Moyes said in an interview.

“We should be proud of our performance in the last UFABET game because we were facing tough teams in the Europa League and Sevilla’s experience was very high, so we were close to getting a draw. It was a very satisfying performance but with a little distraction we conceded the goal immediately but we still have a chance to make amends in the next match and I am sure our chances of going through to the next round. It’s enough to exist as well.”