Rangnick revealed that he didn’t have a problem with Lingard at all.

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has revealed he has no issues with Jesse Lingard. It is ready to give Jesse Lingard more appearances for Manchester United.

To be honest, Jesse Lingard appeared to be the only substitute at Manchester United. Before Jesse Lingard opted for a move to West Ham United for more playing time. It seems that J Ssie Lingard will immediately return to good form. He play a key role in helping West Ham United secure their Europa League qualifiers. Jesse Lingard is hopeful of a move to West Ham United. A permanent contract because they want the opportunity to play continuously.

But it was Manchester United that decided to pull Jesse Lingard back. Because he didn’t want to let his opponents fight for the UEFA Champions League. Where Jesse Lingard was just a backup. Manchester United only and the transfer news has been circulating with only a few months remaining on his contract. But apart from West Ham United interested in Jesse Lingard. There is also Newcastle. United are hoping to bring in Jesse Lingard to join the team to strengthen their attack.

But in the end, Manchester United opted to keep Jesse Lingard at the club, although Jesse Lingard was unhappy with the missed opportunity, but Ralph Rangnick revealed there was no problem. Personally with Jesse Lingard and ready to give the opportunity to play in the second half of the UFABET season by Ralph Rangnick said, “Jesse Lingard is a very professional player whose relationship between Me and Jesse Lingard are still as good as ever and now Jesse Lingard is an important player and I am ready to give Jesse Lingard a chance to play in the next match immediately.