Daniels opens up after teammates deleted homophobic posts

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Jake Daniels has opened up about his feelings. After his Blackpool team-mate Marvin Ekpiteta deleted a post about homosexuality. After he made his debut as gay on Monday

 Jake Daniels has defended his Blackpool team-mate Marvin Ekpiteta after the defender deleted posts. The 17-year-old Daniels was greatly encouraged after revealing he was gay on Monday May 16 2022. He became the only male professional footballer in the UK to do so.

          Daniels is one of Blackpool’s promising youngsters following his outstanding form at youth level this season. He scored more than 30 goals and led the team to the Lancashire FA Pro-Youth Cup before the club awarded the club their first professional contract. Along with the opportunity to start the professional game in the final match
The end of the league, the Championship and on Monday night ago. The UFABET club’s official website published a message titled ‘ A Message from Jake Daniels’ , revealing that he is gay , he is the first UK footballer in 32 years following Justin Fasha. Nu , who came out to admit this

          And on the same day, Blackpool defender Epiteta deleted the posts . In 2013, Ecciteta wrote that it was “disgusting” and “ludicrous” that the television series Hollyoaks features gay characters. up to five That same year, Ecciteta used the clapping emoji three times in response to a post declaring Nigeria bans gay marriage. by Empiteta issued an apology for his post on Twitter and highlighted that he had ‘Evolved and grown as a person’

         And now Daniels, who played professionally for Blackpool earlier this month. came out to support Epiteta that “What you said 10 years ago when you were 17 doesn’t define who you are now,” Daniels wrote in response to Empiteta’s apology on Twitter. “I am proud to be your teammate and part of the Blackpool family. We are all moving forward together.”

          In his apology, Ecciteta, he wrote: “Today, the social media posts I made in 2012 and 2013 are highlighted again,” the defender said in a statement. on twitter “I would like to express my deepest apologies for the offensive and totally inappropriate language I used and for the feelings I expressed. ” And it took me many years to work before I was a professional footballer. I am fortunate to work with such a wide and diverse people. all this time I have evolved and grown as a person.