Look at 5 disadvantages that should not be risked. when losing weight by dieting

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Any young woman who believes that losing weight by dieting will give results quickly. Do not forget that what will follow is a serious effect on the body. It may also put the body at risk as well. For young people who are deciding to lose weight by dieting. Let’s look at 5 possible effects that may occur first.

Look at 5 disadvantages that should not be risked. when losing weight by dieting

easy to get fat

weight loss by dieting have the opportunity to make girls. Facing obesity easily because when fasting Will cause the body to demand hard food. If unable to endure hunger will make the girls Accidentally ingesting too much food. The chances that the UFABET body will get the amount of fat and cholesterol is very high.

exhausted body

The unavoidable effect of fasting is debilitating Compared to losing weight by doing IF. Which has eating and fasting periods It can also make the body tired. Therefore, it is not strange if dieting causes the body to exhaustion. It also causes the body to have no strength even when doing routines that used to be done on a regular basis as well.

The body may lack nutrients.
Normally, the body needs to receive all 5 groups of nutrients, even in large or small amounts. So if the girls choose to lose weight by dieting The most likely thing that can happen is lack of nutrients which when the body is in severe malnutrition has the potential to cause life-threatening Therefore, it is advisable to turn to eat in small amounts. instead of fasting To prevent the body from malnutrition is better.

Easy to get sick,
body that doesn’t get enough nutrients inevitably causes the body to have lower immunity When the body’s immunity is not much It will cause fatigue, headache and fever easily. Notice that during which time the girls rarely have time to eat During that time, the body is often sick and difficult to recover as well.

chronic disease 
lack of nutrients Not only makes the body easy to get sick But it can also increase your risk of chronic disease. Don’t forget that chronic diseases have a very high incidence. with a body without immunity Therefore, it is recommended that you should eat all 5 food groups and eat in small amounts. If you want to seriously lose weight

Knowing this, I believe that girls will turn to adjust their thoughts on losing weight again. And hope that dieting will no longer be chosen as a way for women to lose weight. Do not forget that whether the body is fat or thin. It still needs complete nutrition. If the body receives insufficient nutrients and does not meet the needs of the body. would inevitably cause various negative effects inevitably too