10 benefits of weight loss like IF that go beyond just having a beautiful body

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believe that there are girls Many people choose the IF weight loss method , which cannot be denied that the IF weight loss method is a very popular weight loss method. So who is planning to lose weight this way? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that we get. Here are some interesting benefits from IF weight loss:

10 benefits of weight loss like IF that go beyond just having a beautiful body

1. Change the work process of cells
when not eating for a period of time will have many effects on the UFABET body One of them is Helps to change the work processes of cells, genes and hormones, especially by reducing the level of the hormone insulin. will cause the body to burn better

2. Help reduce excess weight.
during the period of fasting The body will experience an increase in energy metabolism up to 3.6-14% ever.

3. Reduce the risk of diabetes.
Doing IF helps reduce insulin resistance. thus reducing the direct risk of diabetes

4. Reduce inflammation in different parts of the body.
Fasting from doing IF results in a higher amount of growth hormone. Thus causing the cells to repair the worn out parts in the body as well as reducing the inflammation of the muscles and various parts. of the body as well

5. Reduce the risk of heart disease.
Doing IF contributes to normal blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. That is a good reduction in the risk of heart disease.

6. Prevent cancer.
As we all know, cancer is caused by abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells. IF will have a positive effect on metabolism. and may lead to cancer prevention

7. Repair various cells in the body.
Fasting from IF helps stimulate the body’s metabolism called Autophagy, which is a metabolism that eliminates waste from the cells. regarded as repairing various cells in the body to the body

8. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
From research and experiments in animals with fasting in the form of IF, the study results showed that Fasting can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Protect the brain from damage.
Of course, when fasting has a positive effect on the body. That would have a good effect on the brain as well, where fasting IF increases the growth of new neurons. It also helps to protect the brain from damage as well.

10. helps longevity
Results from a study conducted in rats with continuous calorie restriction. give the experimental results that Contributes to longevity of rats, so doing IF by fasting and limiting food intake would help people live longer as well.

How are you doing with the benefits received from losing weight like IF? It can be seen that if the girls Strictly intend to lose weight with this method. and follow the steps with discipline would make the body get good benefits Quite a lot