How to use “pain relievers” and “muscle relaxants” correctly?

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Nowadays, painkillers and muscle relaxants are frequently taken. Whether it’s illness, headache, toothache, or wound pain, you must take painkillers. By that painkiller It has become a common household medicine. Without a house, it would be impossible. Must always have it at home. As for muscle relaxants, it’s the same, they’re often widely taken. To reduce muscle pain, arm pain, leg pain, and relieve fatigue from work or exercise.

Royal College of Physicians of Thailand Has given importance to the issue of selection. How to use painkillers and muscle relaxants correctly? interestingly as follows:

How to use "pain relievers" and "muscle relaxants" correctly?

Choose the right type of pain reliever.

When we actually use painkillers, important points must be taken into account. The following is the first thing is to “get the disease”. We must know our disease. What was the disease first? Which is generally a common pain. Often there is pain from the muscles and tendons. There is no need to see a doctor because the symptoms are quite obvious, such as shoulder pain and specific tender points. This is the nature of pain from tendons. You can buy medicine from the pharmacy yourself.

If there are symptoms of abnormal muscle tightness The medicine used should be a muscle relaxant. But we’re just in pain. without abnormally tight muscles It should be a painkiller. which will be different groups Which must be chosen correctly or if it is pain that is accompanied by inflammation such as arthritis. The medicine used will be stronger to another level. If there is normal pain, we may use acetefinophen. or paracetamol that we generally know good deeds But if there is also inflammation such as arthritis or tendonitis, it will be a group of drugs that will increase to another ทางเข้า ufabet level. It will be a group called Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

How to use painkillers safely for the body

Recommendations for taking these two types of medicine must be used in the “right dose and at the right time” because they have different sizes, methods of administration, and precautions. As for paracetamol, the current dosage is often used incorrectly. At present, it is recommended that you should only take 1 tablet or 500 milligrams at a time. You should not take 2 tablets every 6 hours as in the past, used continuously. which may have side effects on the liver The advantage of paracetamol is that it is very safe. Easy to buy and suitable for mild pain.

As for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs There is another level of strength. And there are many types. The dosage used depends on each type and has more side effects than paracetamol. By causing irritation to the stomach. Can cause bleeding in the stomach. It can cause kidney failure and cause blood clots to increase in patients at risk. Therefore, drugs in this group should be used under the guidance of a doctor. Especially in patients with comorbidities or the elderly. So that doctors will have guidelines to prevent abnormalities from side effects of medicines or switch to other groups of medicines. which may be more secure

However, when the symptoms and signs of the disease or condition disappear or subside, the medicine should be stopped because if given for a long period of time The incidence of side effects is higher.