Match: [Brazil Serie A] Ciera VS America Ciera

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Match: [Brazil Serie A] Ciera VS America Ciera

Race time : Sunday, August 1, 2021 06:00

Open rating: Ciera vs 0 at Castelão Stadium.

Last meeting of all events
BRA CUP 11/06/21 Sierra 0-3
Sierra BRA CUP 03/06/21 Fortaleza 1-1
Sierra BRA CE 24/05/21 F
Tortaleza 0-0 Ciera BRA CE 16/05/21 Ciera 0-2 Fortaleza
BRA CNF 21/03/21 Ciera 0-0 Fortaleza
BRA D1 21/12/20 Fortaleza 0-2
Ciera BRA CE 22/10/20 Fortaleza 1-0
Sierra BRA CE 01/10/20 Ciera 1-2 Fortaleza
BRA D1 03/09/20 Ciera 1-0 Fortaleza
BRA CNF 29/07/20 Fortaleza 0-1 Ciera

Overall performance of the host
BRA D1 26/07/21 Sports Club Recife 0-0
Sierra BRA D1 18/07/21 Ciera 1-0 Atletico Paranaense
BRA D1 12/ 07/21 Cuiaba 2-2
Ciera BRA D1 08/07/21 Fluminense 0-0
Ciera BRA D1 05/07/21 Ciera 2-0 Juventus
BRA D1 02/07/21 Bragantino 0-0
Sierra BRA D1 28/06/21 Sierra 1-1 Sao Paulo
BRA D1 25/06/21 Sierra 2-1 Atletico Mineiro
BRA D1 21/06/21 Internacional 1-1
Ciera BRA D1 18/06/21 Ciera 1-2 Bahia

Overall results of the visiting team
BRA CUP 30/07/21 Fortaleza 2-1 Club de
Regatas Brazil BRA D1 26/07/21 Fortaleza 1-0 Braganti No,
BRA D1 18/07/21 Sao Paulo 0-1 Fortaleza
12/07/21 Fortaleza 1-0 Corinthians
BRA D1 08/07/21 Fortaleza 4-0 America
Mineiro BRA D1 04/07/21 Atletico Paranense 2-1 Fortaleza
BRA D1 01/07/21 Fortaleza 3 -2
Chapecoense BRA D1 28/06/21 Gremio RS 0-0 Fortaleza
BRA D1 24/06/21 Flamengo 2-1 Fortaleza
21/06/21 Fortaleza 1-1 Fluminense

Probability :

Ciera’s performance has improved a lot lately. They have been unbeaten for 9 consecutive times. The defensive line has been very good. The counter-attack is still as cool as ever. The morale is quite good. On the side of Fortaleza, the form of playing is pretty cool. Has won 5 consecutive victories in a row. The offensive line has scored 9 goals, conceding only one goal. Confidence is complete. The statistics of the two teams are quite similar. Today playing in the nest of Ciera, but not much superior to the away team. The price rate is open to choose to bet. I would like to place a guest better than the ball that is fresh.

Expected match result: Fortaleza 2-1
Open rate: Draw
Confidence: 7/10