Match: [Brazil Serie A] Atletico Guanense VS America Mineiro

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Match: [Brazil Serie A] Atletico Guanense VS America Mineiro

Race time : Sunday, August 1, 2021 06:00

Open rating: Atletico Guanense vs 0/0.5 at Estádio Antonio Accioly.

Overall results of the hosts
BRA CUP 29/07/21 Atletico Paranaense 2-1 Atletico
Guanense BRA D1 26/07/21 Santos 0-1 Atletico Atletico Goa Halonen Jose
BRA D1 22/07/21 Cuiaba 2-1 Atletico’s Jose Aquino Halonen
BRA D1 19/07/21 Atletico’s Jose Aquino Saarinen 0. 3 Palmeiras
BRA D1 11/07/21 Juventus 1-1 Atletico
Guanense BRA D1 08/07/21 Atletico Guanense 1-1 Sport Club Recife
BRA D1 05/07/21 Gremio RS 0-1 Atletico
Guanense BRA D1 02/07/21 Atletico Mineiro 4-1 Atleti Aquino’s name was Jose
bRA D1 29/06/21 Atletico’s Jose Aquino Nain Brothers 0-1 to Ottawa
bRA D1 24/06/21 Atletico’s Jose Aquino Saarinen 1-0. Fluminense

Overall results of the visiting team
BRA D1 25/07/21 Gremio RS 1-1 America
Mineiro BRA D1 20/07/21 America Mineiro 0-1 Sports Club Recife
BRA D1 11/07 /21 America
Mineiro 0-1 Atletico Mineiro BRA D1 08/07/21 Fortaleza 4-0 America
Mineiro BRA D1 04/07/21 America Mineiro 2-0 Santos
BRA D1 01/07/21 Bahia 3-4 America
Mineiro BRA D1 28/06/21 America Mineiro 1-1 Internacional
BRA D1 25/06/21 America Mini
Roma 1-1 Juventus, BRA D1 20/06/21 Palmeiras 2-1 America
Mineiro BRA D1 18/06/21 America Mineiro 0-0 Cuiaba

Probability :

Atletico Guanense has done quite a good job. They have won 2 consecutive matches in a row, scored 3 goals, lost 1 goal, their confidence is full at this time. America Mineiro’s form has dropped a lot. Can’t find a win in 4 straight times, lost 7 goals, scored 1 goal, almost no morale left. The statistics of the two teams are quite similar. Today playing in the nest, Atletico Paranaense has a lot of advantages over the away team. The open price rate is given to the host for 0/0.5, keep pressing. The locals certainly did not disappoint.

Predicted match result: Atletico Guanense 2-1
Open rating: Atletico Guanense 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10.