Match: [ Europa League ] Neftchi Baku VS HJK Helsinki

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Match: [ Europa League ] Neftchi Baku VS HJK Helsinki

Race time : Tuesday 3 August 2021 00:00

Open Rate: Toshiba’s Satellite cooled to 0 / 0.5 racetrack BAC cells Arena.

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Overall results of the host
UEFA CL 29/07/21 Neftchi Baku 0-1 Olympiakos
22/07/21 Olympiakos 1-0 Neftchi Baku
UEFA CL 15/07/ 21Neftchi Baku 2-1 Dinamo Tbilisi UEFA CL 07/07/21 Dinamo Tbilisi 1-2
Neftchi Baku INT CF 29/06/21 Spartak Moscow (N) 1-2
Neftchi Baku INT CF 25/06/21 Domsale 2-1 Neftchi Baku INT CF 21/06/21 Olympia Ljubjana(N) ) 1-1 Neftchi Baku AZE PR 20/05/21 Neftchi Baku (N) 1-0 Karabakh
AZE PR 14/05/21 Standard Sumqayit 0-1 Neftchi Baku
09/05/21 Sabail 0-4 Neftchi Baku

Overall performance of the visiting team
FIN D1 31/07/21 HJK Helsinki 0-0
Sainajoen UEFA CL 27/07/21 HJK Helsinki 2-2 Malmo
FIN D1 24/07/ 21
HJK Helsinki 2-0 Haka UEFA CL 22/07/21 Malmo 2-1
HJK Helsinki FIN D1 17/07/21 AC Olu 2-1 HJK Helsinki
UEFA CL 14/07/21 Budacnos Podgorica 0-4
HJK Helsinki UEFA CL 06/07/21 HJK Helsinki 3-1 Budaknos Podgorica
FIN D1 30/ 06/21 Head IFK 0-1
HJK Helsinki FIN D1 24/06/21 HJK Helsinki 2-0 KTP Kotka
FIN D1 18/06/21 HJK Helsinki 2 -1 Ilves

Probability :

Neftchi Baku’s performance is not good at all. They have lost 2 matches in a row without scoring a single goal against their opponent. The condition of the team before entering the field, there is no problem at all. The HJK Helsinki performance has fallen a lot. Finding only one win out of 5 games, the defensive line is now very easy to lose goals. The offensive line is rarely deposited. The two teams have never met each other on the field. Today played in Neftchi Baku’s nest, but not better than the away team. The host comes to carry the price per 0/0.5. Press the secondary. The chance to eat half tonight is very high.

Expected match result: Neftchi Baku 1-1
Open rate: Neftchi Baku 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10