Competition: [UEFA Champions League] CFR Cluj VS Young Boys

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Competition: [UEFA Champions League] CFR Cluj VS Young Boys

Competition time : Tuesday 3 August 2021 01:00

Open : Draw at Stadionul Dr. Constantin Rădulescu

Last meeting, including all items
UEFA EL 11/12/20 Young Boys 2-1 CFR Cluj
UEFA EL 30/10/20 CFR Cluj 1-1 Young Boys
INT CF 25/01/13 Young Boys(N) 1-1 CFR Cluj

Overall performance of host
ROM D1 01/08/21 CFR Cluj 1-0
Cindia Targoviste UEFA CL 29/07/21 CFR Cluj 2-0 Lincoln Red Imps
ROM D1 25/07/21 FC Clincheni(N) 1-2 CFR Cluj
UEFA CL 20/07/21 Lincoln Red Imps 1-2 CFR Cluj
ROM D1 17/07 /21 CFR Cluj 3-2 FC U Craiova 1948
UEFA CL 14/07/21 Borac Banja Luka 2-0 CFR Cluj
ROM SC 11/07/21 CFR Cluj(N) 0- 0 CS
Kraiova UEFA CL 07/07/21 CFR Cluj 3-1
Borac Banja Luka INT CF 28/06/21 CFR Cluj(N) 1-1 Ujpes Last
INT CF 26/06/21 CFR Cluj 1-0 to Dinamo Moscow.

Overall performance of the visiting team
SUI D1 01/08/21 Young Boys 0-0
Grasshopper UEFA CL 29/07/21 Young Boys 3-2 Slovan Bratislava
SUI D1 24/07/21 Lucerne 3-4 Young Boys
UEFA CL 22/07/21 Slovan Bratislava 0-0 Young Boys
INT CF 17/07/21 Everdon 5-0 Young Boys
14/07/21 Young Boys(N) 2-2 Strasbourg
INT CF 10/07/21 Young Boys 2-0 Feyenoord Rot Brothers Adam
06/07/21 Young Boys (N) 0-1 Rain Dorf Al Taj
INT CF 28/06/21 Young Boys 4-1 Neuchatel’s often. Prince
INT CF 23/06/21 Young Boys 2-1 SC Nuke Orleans.

Probability :

CFR Cluj, playing form is live now. Wins 5 consecutive matches in a row, the offensive line still has the same hope The support line at the back has done very well. The condition of the team before playing has no problem. The young boys’ performance is quite fresh. Unbeaten for 4 consecutive games, the offensive line scored 7 goals, lost 5 goals, morale is considered very good. The statistics of the encounter are quite similar. CFR Cluj has nothing to fear for the visiting team at all, whether it is the ball shape, class name, environment, open price rate to choose from. Press the locals to go without having to think too much. badly

Expected match result: CFR Cluj 2-1
Open rate: Tie
Confidence: 7/10